“When I can approach a judgment softly, right or wrong is no longer relevant.” 

I am an experienced management consultant, author, certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction trainer and mother of 3 kids. I lived and worked for a total of nine years in the competitive consultancy environment of New York.

When my life came to a stand-still by necessity, I started to recognize harmful judgments about myself and others. Was I still enough, since I couldn’t participate fully anymore in the corporate world?

I discovered that ‘judgments’ had been part of my busy life all along. Since then I research the human judgments and the consequences of it on personal and social levels via the Western neuroscience, philosophy, psychology and the Eastern experience based teachings of mindfulness, insight dialogue, non-dualism and Buddhism. With the publication of the book ‘Judge Softly’ as a result.  

Now I deploy my knowledge and experience as a consultant, author and trainer to guide teams and individuals to softer judgments about themselves and others. 

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