“Judgments slow down innovation, connection and creativity”

Do you see your organization facing a turning point? Due to a reorganization, changing way of working or a change in leadership for example? To flourish as an organization and to be able to adapt in current times, a softer view is needed. Like with pain, in change human beings are inclined to flight, to freeze of to fight. This also happens in organizations, since organizations consist of human beings. Fear and stress narrows our vision, which is the antidote for creativity and innovation. Human beings switch towards the automatic pilot while overlooking potential solutions and chances.

How can you go through changes in a pleasant and educational way while meeting the set targets? It all starts with becoming aware of your own judgments and the judgments of your colleagues. If you don’t know what your automatic pilot on a daily basis does, you won’t be able to make wise choices. 

For organizations I develop custom-made Judge-Softly-programs and I give 1,5 hour workshops/inspirational talks.

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Anne Barbara
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Judge Softly-Program

With my Judge Softly-program I guide teams and individuals in any industry from tunnel vision to wisdom. The Judge Softly journey leads you through: 

  1. Realizing
  2. Reviewing
  3. Accepting
  4. Wise communication

The Judge Softly-program consists of insights and proven pathways from the Western neuroscience, philosophy, psychology and the Eastern experience based teachings of mindfulness, insight dialogue, non-dualism and Buddhism. I also use my experience and knowledge gained as a management consultant and certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction trainer.

Custom Made

The first step in the program is to determine the question we’ll work with together with the team. This is a democratic process during which I interview the participants one-on-one. Everything that is being shared during these conversations is confidential. This is key to create a safe environment. 

Subsequently, I’ll propose a custom-made program depended on the size of the organization and the question at hand. The Judge Softly-program will, at least, always consist of: experiential exercises, theory and coaching. This combination of conversations, homework and experiences, mostly outside of the comfort-zone of the participants, will make the participants aware of their own judgments and the judgments of their colleagues. The good thing is: everybody can use these new insights and experiences immediately at work!

1,5 Hour Workshop

During a training of 1,5 hours you and your team will be immersed in the world of ‘Judgments’. By way of exercises and knowledge-sharing you’ll get an answer on the following questions:

  • What is a judgment?
  • Am I judging? And do my colleagues as well? 
  • Where does judging come from?
  • What impact have judgments on my view of the world and the way I cooperate? 
  • What can I do with this insight? 

The aim of this training is to make you (an your colleagues) aware of the judgments that steer your thoughts and behavior. If you can use this awareness in your daily life, you’ll notice a difference in your way of communication, doing your work and cooperation immediately. 

Contact me for more information: 

Anne Barbara
Tel: +31 6 25221847
Email: ablemmens@judgesoftly.com 

Proven benefits of wise leadership

Based on research, wise leadership improves de happiness of work of employees and employers, improves the levels of trust, cooperation, connection, inclusivity, acceptance and innovation and makes an organization flourish:

  • The American Health scientist Lisa Berkman concludes that managers with “an open and creative view” have a positive impact on their employees’ night’s sleep and that it decreases the risk on heart disease.
  • At companies where employees feel trusted there is 74% less stress, 106% more energy at work, 50% higher productivity, 76% more engagement, 60% more satisfaction at work, 70% more connection with company’s targets, 29% more life-satisfaction, 40% less burn-outs and 13% less absence.
  • Employees working in an environment where they feel cared for and loved, cooperate better and show less absenteeism. 


From tunnel vision to wisdom

Imagine: two crows are sitting in a tree ‘kaa-ing’ to each other. And all of a sudden you can hear what they are saying:

“Last year I built 10 nests, but I have great chances to built more. Next year I aim for 100 nests. And for 2030 my goal is to have built 10.000 nests.”

The other crow answers:

“Nice forecast. I made my KPI’s already in September; 15,000 nests. 2030 will be the year of 50,000 nests.”

This example doesn’t need much explanation. At once you’ll notice the humor and absurdism of comparable conversations between human beings. This is how I work. With little mind-screws and exercises I’ll get you and your colleagues out of your comfort-zone in a safe environment. You’ll experience more space and openness in rusty habits and ideas. All of a sudden you’ll notice that there is a wide range of different responses possible. This is how freedom and wisdom feels!

Contact me for more information: 

Anne Barbara
Tel: +31 6 25221847
Email: ablemmens@judgesoftly.com