Wisdom is the art of just judgment and action in any situation

Experience judge softly

Workshop – 4 hours

This 4-hour long workshop makes you experience what your automatic subconscious reactions are, the impact of it, the choices you have and what in the end wise communication is.

Only by experiencing your judgements you can make a start with overwriting your automatic patterns. That’s why the main focus of this workshop is experiencing by way of a variety of exercises. The exercises will give you insight on:

  • What a judgment is
  • You also judge, constantly
  • Where your judgements come from
  • Why working with your judgements will change your life
  • How that works

The goal of this workshop is to get awareness about your judgements, and how that is linked to your self-image, and the consequences of your judgements. You’ll run through the four phases of Judge Softly (realize, explore, accept and communicate wisely). The exercises will give you tools to, also after the workshop, being aware of your judgements and the choice you have. This way you can use your drive, perfectionism and fast-pace consciously on the moments that it makes sense. Your intuition and expertise, key to decision-making, will actually do its justice.

Using the Judge Softly tools at team-level means inclusivity and actual communication resulting in effectivity.