If we recognize our own intrinsic wisdom, others will be invited to do the same

Gregory Kramer

Overwrite your patterns

Program – 30 days

During the course of 30 days the spotlight is on your own judgements. By working intensively with your judgements, while normal life continues, you’ll get an insight on how you view the world. This insight will enrich and positively change your interaction with yourself and others.

After an introduction to the subject judgements, you’ll experience the 4 phases of Judging Softly by way of 4 workshops of each 1,5 hour and short daily assignments of 10 minutes;

  1. Realize: what are my judgements and which ones are coming back again and again?
  2. Explore: where do my judgements come from? What are my triggers? What is my self-image?
  3. Accept: what are the consequences of my judgements? How can I turn my automatic reactions into a choice?
  4. Communicate wisely: how can I use my awareness about my judgements in my daily interactions?

The goal of this intensive program is to overwrite your automatic subconscious patterns with a new pattern. The pattern of Judging Softly. Awareness results in headspace to make intentional choices while you interact with yourself and others.

Overwriting your subconscious automatic responses results in inspiration, authenticity and resilience for yourself and your team.