Do It Yourself Judge-Softly-Challenge

250.00 excl. btw

What you can expect of this challenge;

  • 30 mails with questions from Judge Softly*
  • 3 months working on and with your judgments by journaling five minutes each day based on these questions in your own note-book (that nobody else will read).
  • During these 3 months you’ll gather your own insights that you can use the rest of your life, because reading back your own notes is always possible!
  • The Judge-Softly surprise package, so you won’t lack the right tools and props including amongst others; the Judge Softly book and the Judge Softly notebook

* The questions follow the path towards Judging Softly; from becoming aware, review, acknowledge to wise communication. The Judge Softly principle is developed based on combining insights from the Western neuro-science, philosophy and psychology and the Eastern experience experiential teachings such as mindfulness, insight dialogue, non-dualism and Buddhism.




Judge Softly challenge

The aim of the Judge-Softly-Challenge is to overwrite judgmental behavior. In three months you’ll walk the path towards judging softly; from becoming aware, review and acknowledge towards communicating wisely.

Every 3 days at 8 pm you’ll receive an e-mail from Judge Softly with a question about the previous days and the assignment for the coming days. You answer the questions by writing with a pen on paper in your note-book for at least 5 minutes every day. Why with a physical pen on paper? Because it is a proven method to overwrite subconscious behavior.

You’ll do the challenge by yourself, for yourself. Nobody will read what you wrote. By writing every day, you’ll become conscious of your thoughts and judgments that influence your behavior, feelings and actions.

After these three months you’ll understand based on what world-image you act and judge. You recognize your triggers and will go from subconsciously judging towards consciously judging. Based on this broadened consciousness you’ll be able to make a choice. Will I judge?

After completing the Judge-Softly-challenge;

  • You’ll be able to recognize judgments about yourself and others, instead of being dragged along by emotions and behave in a way you’ll regret in hindsight.
  • You explored the cause of the judgments about yourself and others and you’ll be able to see the trigger to judge coming.
  • You learned to deal with your judgments about yourself and others in a kind way
  • You see the choices that you have during your communication and interaction with others and yourself.
  • Briefly: You supplemented your mental toolkit with tools that make you live more mildly, wisely and compassionately.


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